07 January 2016

Entryway Pallet Table

I had mentioned in my last blog post that I would be making a console table.

Here it is!

It turned out just how I wanted, but it is REALLY white. I was thinking the paint was more of a cream color, but I still think it turned out well!

It was really easy to do. My father-in-law got me a few pallets, so I had a few to choose from, and they were free which is always a plus! I got the top for the table at Lowe's for $4.
My hubby cut the pallet down for me, because it was a little too tall for where we wanted to put it. The piece of wood for the top fit it perfectly so we didn't have to cut it at all. I sanded down the edges of the pallet since we have a little guy who will eventually be into everything!

I bought some chalk paint from Americana Decor for the pallet. If I could go back and do it again I would get more of an off white. It's very white, which isn't a bad thing it just isn't quite what I was going for. The shade I got is called everlasting. I bought two jars of it, and I was a little short on paint, so I used just my regular acrylic paint, and you can't even tell.

Then I did a finishing coat with Americana Decor's creme wax. I also used this over my stained board for the top of the table. They have a wax brush you can purchase as well.

For the top, I used a wood conditioner to prep my board for staining. I normally just stain the wood without the wood conditioner. It made the stain go on a little lighter than if I wouldn't have used it. It ended up being the perfect shade. The conditioner needs about 15 minutes to soak in before you can stain it, so while that was soaking I went back and put the wax coat on my pallet.

This is the stain I used. The color is called Early American 230.

After everything was dry I attached my board to my pallet with a couple screws.

It's the perfect size for our entry way! I think it turned out perfectly!

A little extra craft... :)

I also found these frames at Wood Creations! I have been looking for frames like these not knowing they had them, and I love them!

I was going to paint them black, but I thought we needed a little spice in our lives and decided to give them some color! I went with this paint called "Sea Foam."

I absolutely love this color! I loved it so much I painted the "B" for my console table the same color.

I don't know if I'm in love with the Family sign and the frames together, but overall I love the frames and the color!

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  1. Did you have do something special to make it stand on it’s own